Filling the Gap

    There is a gap between the person I am and the person I want you to see.  If I am to be genuine, then the gap must be filled with authenticity.  Reflection upon how to fill it brought me to two choices:
The first is for me to stretch who I am into the illusion of who I am projecting. I must keep up the facade, while I diligently work to build up substance behind the wall of pretension. This method leaves me ever thinning and never satiated. My illusion thickens and hardens into a wall that I can never let you through lest you step into my reality and bring the down the entire structure..
      The second way is for me to drop the illusion and let you see who I really am.  I am terrified to display that which is hidden!  There’s a mess back here; it’s in total disarray.  I’m scared of what you’ll think.  Please understand, I don’t want to be fake, but being genuine is a huge gamble.
When I drop my illusion, to my surprise, it was also feeding yours. We both have a mess on our hands, it seems. Now that I see yours, I have to laugh at my fears.  Perhaps together, we can learn to accept our messes and work on what we can?  I’ll get a shovel and you a rake.  Thank you for being real!

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