No Charity Please

A peculiar mystery puzzled our church board.  Toilet paper was continually missing from the stalls.  We replaced it only to find it gone the next Sunday.  Finally, we asked someone to keep an eye on the toilet paper (how crazy it that?).  The detective deacon soon caught scent of the paper perpetrator.  A new attender was pilfering it.
When asked why she was taking it.  The woman said they did not have enough money and needed some paper at home.  Because we were a church, she was sure we wouldn’t mind if she took the leftovers home each week.  We told her we would be glad to go get her some at the store and even food if she needed it.  The paper pilfering perpetrator responded, “Oh I could never accept charity.”

2 responses to this post.

  1. No. But she could accept theft. Rolls eyes.


  2. I have to agree with Jennifer: no charity, but stealing is fine? Where’s the logic in that? Not that we’re necessarily expecting logic …


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