Reflected Love

Touching heart and mind with thoughtful flirtations
Gazing with eyes, penetrating deep within
Speaking emotions from places not fathomed
No sweeter tune plays a bowed violin
Hands of gentle embrace with strong intention
Grasping my soul with unbreakable binds
Sweetly flowing her deepest expression
Her reflected beauty in my eyes she finds
Encompassing tightly my fervent praise
Desiring passionate affection not wavered
Longing the release of grand appreciation
Approving with glances most favored

4 responses to this post.

  1. Aww. Sweet, did you write this for your wife? My husband would NOT write poetry unless there was ALOT of liquid hops involved. Vats of it.


  2. If you (stupidly) said it wasn’t for (insert name of wife here) then you could re-title it “Dead Man Walking”.
    I laughed at your “sticky” puns on someone’s reply post on Rachelle’s blog. You’re good at those and I wonder how many people totally don’t see them? Very funny.


  3. The woman in this poem is so totally lucky to have such a man as you to adore her enough to write her poetry….Men dont understand that romance turns a woman on not fancy jewlery or extravegant gifts. A word of love from the heart tells her more than things.


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