Kids Explore in Any Era

As I was writing this passage in “Angel Blood: Silver Wings,” I thought of some of the goofy explorations my brother and I made as kids. Sound familiar?

Fear and hunger had long replaced thoughts of treasure. Jacob periodically stopped to brush falling insects from his face. As they rounded yet another turn, the boys finally saw a light.
“That’s the way out!” exclaimed Jacob. He dropped the torch as the two boys dashed to what they thought was the exit. Instead, they entered a large room at the center of the labyrinth. Letters and symbols the boys had never seen covered the walls. In the center of the room was a giant metal box that glistened from a glowing crystal placed upon it. The large gem emitted a powerful blue light, yet it did not make the boys squint. “What do you think that is?”
Tomas shook his head and his eyes grew large at the sight of the crystal. Jacob slowly approached the bright stone to touch it. “No!” called Tomas.
“What? Do you think it’s magic?” Tomas again shrugged. As Jacob reached out his hand, Tomas again shouted.
“No! Don’t touch it!” Jacob spun around and glared at Tomas. He thought about touching the stone in spite of Tomas’ insistence not to, but decided to compromise. Taking off his coat, the older boy reached over and picked up the crystal with it.
“Look, it’s fine.” Tomas crept closer and examined it in Jacob’s coat. He then looked at the metal box curiously. “Open it?”
“No.” Tomas stepped back quickly. He was afraid of what might come out of the box. If a stone glowed, then some sort of sorcery was at work.
“Hold this,” said Jacob, handing Tomas the coat. “It will protect you, I’m sure.” Tomas took the crystal and stood with it between him and the box. He moved close to the wall and prepared to run. Jacob’s curiosity was stronger than his fear. He neared the box and took a deep breath. “You ready?” Tomas shook his head, but Jacob reached for the latch anyway.
He opened the box and ran back towards Tomas who screamed. Nothing happened.

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