Thanks for Another’s Blog

I’ve really enjoyed the past few posts on literary agent, Rachelle Gardner’s blog. She’s heavily into the business end of things, but she’s been working a lot on encouraging writers who’ve hit the proverbial wall. The wall is different, depending on who you are and where you are on your journey.

How about you? Have you hit any walls lately or experienced closed doors that just made you want to throw in the towel? Have you overcome the impact? If so, what happened to help you move forward?

By the way, if you’re a writer, I highly recommend Rachelle’s blog. She doesn’t even work with my genre and I’ve learned a ton.

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  1. I do follow her blog! It’s very helpful!

    Yeah, I’ve hit a wall. Can’t seem to find and agent! Not even sure what they don’t like about my query so don’t know how to change it. I recently got some idea’s but I find I’m procrastinating implementing them, I guess I don’t want to face more rejection. Because if it doesn’t work this next time, I don’t know what else to do. But then again, I am daily learning so it’s never really the end. Not unless I say it is and I refuse to do that!


  2. It is very frustrating to find an agent. They tell you to invest time and get to know them, then send a form rejection letter or don’t respond at all. Hang in there! That’s easy to say, but I know it’s hard to do. I’m on your end of this and still looking, but now I just put it as a side project. Agent finding is just something I do here and there. Most of the agents are best approached at the trade shows, so I’m planning to go to the one in Overland Park in November. Until then, I kick out a query or two a week and keep writing. The good part is, we’ll have a body of work by the time we land an agent. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I suggest submitting short stories to magazines, e-zines, and other venues you can think of. It never hurts to add those to your published works when you query and it could spark an interest….just a thought. Thanks T. C.!


    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m becoming more like you and relaxing a little on the landing an agent. It’s been about 5 months since I send out a query, about time I send a few more out after some tweaks but overall I’m not going to stress, it will happen when it happens. It’s in God’s hands, in the meantime I am learning, growing and meeting wonderful people.

      I have never heard of e-zines (see I do learn new things all the time). I will check it out thanks!


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