The Right Fit

I used to read self help books until I realized the only person helping themselves was the bookseller.
When I strolled into a shoe store, I saw this wonderful pair of shoes on a guy. Wow, I thought, if only I had those shoes. I tried on a pair. They were too narrow and my feet hurt. Hey, but they looked great on him, so they’ll look good on me. People saw me waddling around town and said I looked horrible. “Does your back hurt?” they asked. Obviously what worked for that guy didn’t work for me.
There is no blueprint for the successful life. What works for one may not apply to another, no matter how good it looks. Part of the joyful life comes when we see those with great shoes and are happy that they found the perfect ones for them. (If you think this is about shoes, please reboot.)


One response to this post.

  1. Amen, we must be happy for the success of others if we hope to have any true joy or impact in our own lives.

    We are all unique and must treat each other and ourselves as such. We are not mass produced like shoes.


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