Elevator Escort

I went to Lawrence Hospital (near Kansas University) to visit someone having a procedure. When I asked where it was to be done, a woman near the desk told me it was on the third floor and escorted me up there, since it was on her way. There, another woman told me that the place was on the second floor and she escorted me there.
“Here it is,” she said, leaving me near the desk. “Just tell the nurse there.”
The nurse told me that the place for that procedure was moved to the first floor, so she escorted me down to the first floor and showed me the waiting room.
“She’s already in the room,” said the woman behind the desk. “Her family is downstairs in the cafeteria, though. I’m on my way down, so I’ll show you the way.”
So I trod down the stairs with my escort to the cafeteria and the floor on which I started the trek. Unfortunately, I could not find the family. Back up the stairs I went to the waiting room.
“Did you find them?” asked the woman, sipping her diet soda.
“No, I’ll just wait here if that’s OK.” I quickly took a seat before she could call me an escort.

Sometimes it’s more helpful to not help. 🙂

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  1. Posted by Gabrielle Meyer on July 24, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    Something very similar happened to me in Washington, D.C., but it involved a trolly car and confussion about which street corner it would pick me up on. I trekked back and forth from corner to corner at least a dozen times, because of a dozen different opinions (or guesses) – and I eventually missed it anyway! But I did learn which corner it picked up on and I trudged back to that corner and waited until the next one came by.


    • Too funny. That happened to me in Zürich only they were speaking with heavy Swiss German accents in High German. I stood and stared a lot. If a friend hadn’t found me, I’d probably still be there. ::-D


  2. LOL. And now you’r getting more fun time at hospitals, car mechanics’, etc.
    Hope your life calms down soon!


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