The Family Trials

It’s been bizarre the last few days.  My brother had to have heart surgery. it went well and he’s home, sweet. Yesterday the computer went out on the van, so we took it to be fixed, meanwhile my son’s car blew out a tire, stranding my wife en route to the hospital. I changed places with her and got it fixed. We picked up the other car, came home and the power went out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my mom should get out of the hospital tomorrow, yay! So, en route, my sister and nephew were broadsided by another car. They are OK, but the car is totaled. Then, after a visit, on the way out of the hospital, my grandfather nearly passed out and wound up in the E.R. from low blood sugar. Everyone is fine, but it’s been an interesting time recently.

As a man of faith, I’m not going to worry, but I am going to sit here away from sharp objects.

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